Our clinical research professionals have the knowledge and experience to drive your project forward

About Us

We are a small and driven niche UK CRO, passionate about delivering clinical study solutions to meet your needs. Every step of the way, we provide expert professional support in order that you meet your clinical trials objectives. We recognise that you need experienced, highly motivated and flexible specialists who are able to deliver all aspects of the project: from the smallest task to the biggest, we recognise the importance of every facet of your clinical study.

We have worked with clients worldwide who require assistance with trials in countries where they have no expert knowledge base. We are able to provide support throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in other regions. We have a wide network of consultants who are available to deliver cost effective solutions to a wide variety of needs. For more information please see our range of services on our Services page and check out our Therapeutic Areas page.

We know that your project is unique, and our niche and focused service will ensure it gets the attention it deserves. We pride ourselves on being able to provide services directly to clients, therefore cutting out the expense of using agencies to find the expert consultants you need. For more information and an idea of costs please Contact Us.


Why Ixia?

Ixia thrives on the kinds of challenges from which other CROs shy away. We relish the opportunity to remove from our partners many of the pressures of bringing a trial to fruition. We are experts in safely traversing the minefield of the regulatory and ethics submissions process that can often be daunting for the uninitiated.

At Ixia, we value people above all else and believe in establishing the strongest possible working relationships with all of our partners and collaborators. This enables us to provide the benefits of a full-service CRO while remaining at an adaptable size for giving our attention to everything from the smallest and most focused studies to the largest-scale global trials.

As part of our commitment to people, fundamentally what Ixia aims to deliver is the most positive outcome for the patients. We believe that the best way to do this is to design a well-considered and strong study and to do everything possible to deliver the endpoints laid out in the beginning, all the while maintaining excellent working relationships with everyone involved in providing study success.