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From start to finish Ixia Clinical will expertly manage all your clinical project requirements

Clinical Research Organisation – Ixia Clinical

IXIA CLINICAL is an adaptable Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) based just outside London, UK, with a team of experienced clinical professionals operating globally in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our expert networks of knowledgeable clinical research consultants can provide comprehensive assistance to support your clinical trials in the UK, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

Our staff are experienced in managing clinical projects right from conception to completion. We are experts in gaining regulatory and ethics approvals. Having supported numerous clients both in the preparation for and throughout regulatory audits and inspections, we are the perfect partner to advise and assist you.

We will work closely with your team to achieve the results desired and meet the challenges your project presents.

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At Ixia Clinical we are experts in the planning, management and delivery of phase II, phase III and phase IV clinical trials, registry studies and pivotal or post-approval medical device studies across a wide variety of therapeutic and specialist areas.

Our experience allows us to provide highly customised solutions to meet your detailed objectives. These solutions can be delivered as a full service project solution, or if you prefer we are also used to working as part of a wider network to deliver solutions as part of a larger team.


Clinical Study Project Management Services

Our business is founded on providing a highly organised approach to clinical study project management. Our approach is defined by our unique processes which are highly structured and documented in straightforward, user-friendly standard operating procedures which enable us to deliver a comprehensive and successful solution on every project.

We regularly monitor and report on progress throughout the project life-cycle ensuring each project is kept within agreed timelines and our project costs adhere to agreed project budgets at all times.

Regulatory & Ethics Submissions

At Ixia Clinical we are highly experienced at dealing with regulatory bodies, ethics committees and other institutional bodies. We are experts in skilfully navigating the requirements for the preparation and submission of trials for ethical and regulatory and consideration in the shortest possible timeframes.

Our team provide regulatory support at all phases of the product life-cycle. We are flexible to meet the needs of your project and can advise on the most effective solutions and strategies to achieve your project objectives.

Clinical Trial Set Up and Monitoring

The set up process and ongoing continued monitoring of clinical trials and medical device studies is the bedrock of our business. Covering the process from study conception right through to project completion, our team are highly skilled at all facets of the clinical trials and medical device studies process.

From evaluating the suitability of investigators and their sites, through site set up and patient recruitment, to the clinical monitoring process and finally the completion and closure of the trial on site. Our team are highly experienced at managing the clinical trials and medical device study process at all phases of the development life-cycle.

Clinical Study Feasibility

Ensuring the viability of studies is critical during the funding phase and our team are experts at helping to identify whether a trial can be delivered effectively. Our excellent working relationships with some of the most influential and high profile consultants, not just in the UK but worldwide, enables us to deliver comprehensive feasibility studies for projects across multi disciplines and requirements.

Site Assessment & Selection

For the successful completion of trials, it is critical that the investigator sites chosen are able to manage the trial process on time and within budget to ensure the high quality production of data.

We work with teams across the UK and beyond to help select sites and investigators that are highly competent and deliver excellent levels of data for every trial we manage.

Patient Recruitment

Ensuring successful patient recruitment is key to the success of any trial and our record of achieving agreed patient recruitment targets is excellent.

With careful project planning at the outset, followed by a comprehensive ongoing problem identification and resolution process, we are able to resolve recruitment challenges quickly and effectively resulting in a successful rate of patient recruitment and retention.

For more information about our clinical study and medical device study procedures and how we can help you achieve your study objectives, please contact our team.